Native Controller Support Added to Steam in Beta Update

Just as the title of this one says, Valve is coming around to adding native controller support. In a freshly released beta, players will be able to utilize the Steam Controller Configurator to remap any and all commands to an Xbox 360, Xbox One, or a Generic X-Input controller for some good times. Folks with a touch of madness will finally be able to attempt to tackle their favorite Total War title with analog sticks and buttons, because why not.

Snark aside, I am one who prefers a controller whenever possible. I use keyboard and mouse all day for work, so the mental separation between labor and leisure is simply easier with a different input. Because of this, I am one of those rare folks who is more accurate with an analog stick than a keyboard and mouse, solely because of practice. Don’t think I want to try an RTS with one, but still, it’s nice to have the option.