10 Ban System is Coming This Split

This upcoming split the League of Legends is going to test out it’s 10 ban system in every League ran by Riot. This means that it likely won’t be shown at IEM Katowice, but will be in the LCS, LPL, LMS, LCK, and so on and so forth.

A few months back Riot was talking about extending bans to 10 instead of six, giving two additional bans to each team. It seems in their talks with pros it’s gone well enough to push it into the system for this upcoming split.

In pro play this will create diversity amongst what you see on the rift. Now we can stop seeing the same champs game after game as teams will have two extra bans to target a player or strategy. Here’s how the new pick and ban phase will play out.

Each team will start out with the usual three bans. From there they will each pick three champions just like before in alternating fashion with the second team getting two picks immediately. Then the teams will enter the ban phase again and get two alternating bans each. After that they’ll finish things out in normal fashion with alternating picks in the 1-2-1 fashion.

For professional play this seems like a great move to mix things up and give everyone a breath of fresh air when it comes to the p&b phase. Unfortunately though this may make it’s way to solo queue and that will be very interesting.

Riot is still testing out how that will play out as queue times and getting into play take long already, but it coming to a non-organized field is a little worrisome. For now though the only thing you have to think about is how this will affect pro play. In their post Riot said that there will be more information about the new system later this year.

[Source: League of Legends]