Here’s the Setup for League of Legends at IEM Katowice

With a little over a month before the Intel Extreme Masters reaches it’s finale here’s the details they’ve released about the League of Legends tournament taking place.

Eight teams will be taking the stage this year and they’ll be split into two groups of four. Like before the top two teams from each group will advance to the playoffs with the winner of group a facing the second place team of group b and vice versa.

The first set of matches will be played on February 22-23. Then the tournament will move into the Spodek arena on the  25 where the final matches of the group stage will take place. Sunday, the 26, will be the final day of the tournament when the semifinals and Grand Finals will be played.

There wasn’t any details about the match format, but it will presumably be what it’s been before. Group matches will be in a Bo3 format and the group stage will be double elimination. The losers of the first two matches for each group will face off in the elimination game and then proceed to take on the loser of the winner match in the decider match.

The winners of the previous tournaments should be in attendance and the other teams will be announced in the coming weeks.

As for prizes the total poop of $150,000 will be distributed like so:

  • First place: $70,000
  • Second place: $30,000
  • Third/Fourth place: $15,000
  • Fifth/Sixth place: $7000
  • Seventh/Eight place: $3,000

Playoffs will hopefully be Bo5 as there’s all Sunday to play them and the Grand Finals will undoubtedly be so. The League of ¬†Legends part of Katowice starts February 22 and you can watch it here.