Lightning-Fast Platformer Standby Now Available on Steam

Recently, developers Noclip have been impressing us quite a bit thanks to the help of their twitchy, fast-paced, and challenging platformer Standby, which wowed us even further a while ago thanks to the help of an eye-catching demo. Well, the time has finally come for the game to see the light of day, as Standby is now available on Steam for all to hopefully enjoy (or to tear your hair out over as you attempt to master it), complete with a launch trailer, which you can see below.

Featuring precision platforming at every turn as you attempt to navigate various obstacles to escape a glitched world as fast as possible, Standby definitely aims to please those who fell in love with other indie platformers such as N++. And to celebrate the game’s release, Noclip are not only going to have the game on sale at fifteen percent off until January 13, and not only have they made their previous game Barrier X completely free for the moment as well, but until January 15, one dollar from every sold copy will go towards the Prevent Cancer Foundation. So if you want to pick up a promising platformer and support a worthy cause at the same time, it would be worth your time to take a look at Standby, out for both PC and Mac.