New Conan Exiles Video Teaches You How to Build

Conan Exiles is preparing to unleash it’s fully destructible survival game into the open territory of early access this month. Before we get to roam the sands with a band of brigands the developers at Funcom addressed fans on how building in the game will work with a new video.

In Conan Exiles you’ll need to build a base to house resources, treasure and trophies. Starting with Tier 1 building blocks and working your way up players will initially create small huts and eventually castle-like structures. There’s an example of how you can even build directly onto a mountain side. Whatever you decide to do, be warned that it can all come crashing down with a gargantuan stomp from one of the god tier Avatars.

Conan Exiles releases for early access on January 31, 2017 for PC and Spring 2017 for Xbox One.