Screenshot Saturday Featuring Ooblets, Octohedron, Many Others

The holidays are finally over so Screenshot Saturday can get back to normal. “Normal”, in this case, is everything all at once, but it’s a nice way to be inundated with more data than any one brain should try to process. This feature trims the list down to roughly a dozen (frequently more) images plus a bonus one at the end, based on primarily on the criterion of how the image caught my eye. It’s not a complicated system but is pretty fickle. As usual every week, don’t neglect clicking on all those blue arrows because very few developers can resist the temptation of showing their work in motion.

Heart Star- The boy is the star, the girl is the heart, and they work semi-cooperatively on single screen levels to reach the exit. Level elements that are solid for one are intangible to the other, but they can always give each other a boost.  You can play this one over at Newgrounds.

Ooblets- Formerly Moblets but now with a one-letter name change. Ooblets is a super-cute fusion of Harvest Moon and Pokemon, where you use your veggie-monsters in combat while managing the normal stresses of a farm. It doesn’t look like the critters take fighting each other personally, or maybe this mushroom is just the forgiving type.

Of the Essence- It’s like a match-3 except instead of color you line up the hands of the clock faces to create a large looping path. There is some kind of color-based bonus in here as well, although details are scarce. A particularly nice touch is the way the meter on the side gently sways like a pendulum.

Octahedron- Neon platformer where you roll your own. Hit a button mid-jump and you create a platform under your feet that shoots a beam straight down, annihilating anything it touches. It’s been on Greenlight since January and how on earth does a game that looks like this languish that long?

Exception- Neon platformer where reaching a set point in the level causes it to rotate in various ways. The X, Y, and Z axis are all fair game, and sometimes it even has multiple units that spin independently. If a level is going to be manipulated, it might as well be as flashy as possible.

Havre- Ok, so this doesn’t look like much at first glance, and then you realize you’re looking at a darkened interior of a cylindrical world with the lights being a distant town. One of the game’s primary focuses is that you can see so much of the world at once that giant events have major impact, and it’s going to take a lot of exploration and turmoil to bring it back to life.

Ayo the Clown- Well there’s something you don’t see every day- a non-scary, honestly cute clown. Ayo’s dog has gone missing and he’ll have to track it down in a charming little all-ages platformer. Not everything needs a coating of darkness or cynicism.

Unnamed- That’s “Finally Finish Something” game jam, as opposed to the other thing FFS stands for. While there’s no info on this game it’s got a small fighter ship flying along beside and through the struts of a larger carrier, and that’s always a sign of things going right.

Standby- Speedrunner action game with a fantastic style that looks nothing like this image, but is still perfectly represented by it. Run, slide, jump, and shoot down barriers to reach the goal in a zoomed-out view that enhances the minimalist, slightly glitchspace levels.

MaoMao Castle- If the Space Harrier dragon was a giant flying kitty zipping through rainbows and blasting past stone walls it would look something like this. It’s available to play in-browser over here, on the likely occurrence you haven’t had enough scaling spritework in your day already.

Power Hover- Hoverboarding robots care not for the restraints of gravity. The best way to re-power your robot village after all the energy is stolen is to race along on a hoverboard picking up batteries, which is about as perfect a videogame reason as you could hope for.

Psycutlery- Travel the universe with a scifi spork devouring evil and meeting strange but helpful characters like a dark rainbow unicorn.  While everything in the game is incredibly early it’s already got a dark, moody unicorn, so it’s off to a good start.

Bonus Image

Last Rite- I don’t know who she is and have no idea what she’s going to do, but in armor like that she could probably tear through any number of women decked out in metal/leather fantasy fetish outfits. This armor may be fancy but it’s made for serious business.