Best of 2016 – Day Eight: Developer, New Character, Trailer, Most Disappointing, Worst Game

Over the next ten days, Hardcore Gamer will be revealing its Best of 2016 Awards leading up to our Game of the Year. Today we present you with the Best Developer, New Character, Trailer as well as the Most Disappointing and Worst Game.

id Software

If you’re going to bring back a classic, sometimes you’ve just got to leave it to those who originally carved out the concept in the first place. The former team might be off on different endeavors, but it goes without saying id Software had it all to do with the 2016’s reboot-but-not-a-reboot DOOM. E3 gameplay notwithstanding, it was only natural for there to be skeptics to the way both id and indeed Bethesda would treat one of gaming’s greats in an genre saturated with cookie-cutter nonsense. But fair play to id for their mix of artistic and technical wizardry helped elevate 2016’s DOOM to arguably the same heights of the 1993 original.

And this was largely part to the id Tech 6 engine’s meaty capabilities. An engine able to make the most out of every platform it was on, handled by a team that recognized the absolute necessity in video game enjoyment; id’s return-to-form is equaled only by DOOM’s classic brilliance. But id’s shared passion, experience and commitment to reviving (as much expanding) the DOOM experience is one to respect. Simply put: a bloody marvellous game created by a bloody marvellous developer.

D-Pad Studio Playground Games Respawn Entertainment Naughty Dog

Uncle Death (Let it Die)

Whether it be Kid Icarus, Castlevania, or any number of other video games, encountering the grim reaper is typically not a good thing. This is not the case with Let It Die, where Uncle Death is introduced as the friendliest incarnation of the reaper since Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. Uncle Death still has the traditional black hooded robe and scythe, but he is not above wearing silly eyeglasses and must have spent some time hanging out with Tony Hawk to reach that level of skill with his skateboard. Despite being a skeleton under that robe, he is not a creepy uncle at all, but instead quite friendly and helpful serving as a guide and source of information when climbing the Tower of Barbs. From the early meeting when he sits down and describes Let It Die as being like a hack and slash roguelike kind of a thing, Uncle Death seems more like a dude that would rather take people out for cold ones at the pub instead of harvesting their souls, making him the year’s best new character.

Wrench (Watch Dogs 2) Ethan (Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare) Otus (Owlboy) Ardyn (Final Fantasy XV)

Battlefield 1 Reveal

Only a couple of days after its biggest competitor released a debut trailer that had everyone fuming, the wizards at EA Games released their very own reveal for Battlefield 1. It was rumored for quite a while that DICE would be heading backwards in time to give everyone a fresh outlook on the brutality of war, or even taking place in an alternate timeline. To our pleasure, we got not only a reveal of a cinematic World War I setting, but it was topped with The Glitch Mob remix of Seven Nation Army. It had us excited about going back to a war most people have little knowledge about, and experiencing the gruesome nature of things one hundred years ago. Having the title of most viewed video game trailer on YouTube is not only for show as it’s one of the best reveals of the year.

STRAFE – All Star Final Fantasy XV – Omen Dead Rising 4 E3 Annouce Forza Horizon 3 E3 2016

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky could have been amazing. If all the hype had proved true then chances are tons of gamers would find themselves doggedly determined to exploring all that game has to offer to this day. Unfortunately, we’re all very aware that No Man’s Sky simply did not live up to expectations in any way. There are many who wish to point fingers at the developers, Sony, or even other players for inflating expectations to an outrageous degree. Promises of any form of multiplayer, gigantic procedurally generated creatures, and more never quite made their way into the product that launched back in August. With wishes left unfilled, and gameplay that felt far too “Early Access” for a final release, folks quickly jumped ship – some even asking for refunds. With a recently released patch there is now a glimmer of hope that No Man’s Sky may still return toward its original course. The thing is, most gamers have already moved on from this stunning disappointment to other, better games.

Mighty No. 9 The Division Final Fantasy XV Star Fox Zero


This year was certainly no slouch when it comes to execrable games. One needn’t look far to find a title to explore the depths of poor design and execution. One title truly stands out, though. Activision’s Ghostbusters embraced weaponized tedium in a fashion similar to Holtzmann lavishly licking her proton pistols. Developer FireForge Games basically had about ten minutes of an interesting game that was then stretched into hours across a campaign that was bereft of any charm and joy that makes the franchise famous. The developer was then closed down immediately after release of this title. The fact that it was missing the actual characters from the film indicates that even the basics of using a license effectively was woefully ignored in this title’s creation. The only bright spot about this thing came from inflicting it upon fellow staff member, Chris, and then debating the circumstances behind the existence of the multitude of green sludge filled toilets.

Umbrella Corps Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan Bombshell Weeping Doll

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