Friendly Reminder: Special Pokémon Sun and Moon Munchlax Expires Soon

In just a few days, trainers will no longer be able to obtain a special Munchlax for their Pokémon Sun and Moon games. This little guy was announced back in September and made available to pick up since the games launched. You could have used it to help get your journey started and take advantage of some unique features.

While you could find a Munchlax in the wild, this particular Pokémon comes with different moves and a held item. It knows the moves Happy Hour which doubles the amount of money earned after battling trainers and can use Hold Back which will always leave the opponent at least with 1 HP, never knocking it out. This Munchlax also has the Snorlium Z-Crystal. It is the only way to obtain this item in the entire game and once Munchlax evolves to Snorlax it can use its signature Z-Move.

If you haven’t grabbed your free Pokémon yet all you have to do is connect to the Nintendo Network and download Munchlax. The event will end on Wednesday, January 11 with no sign yet of a return. Be the opposite of a lazy Munchlax and hurry up!