High Noon Revolver Gets Release Date Alongside New Trailer

Spaceboy Games and Mike Studios are set to release High Noon Revolver. From the ashes of Dungeon Souls lies a game with three layers of action-platforming – offering up a ton of fast-paced action. You’ll battle enemies with three tiers of action going on at one time, while also grabbing loot and upgrades along the way. You get a variety of characters to play as, with each having a unique weapon – so you could wind up with a chicken using a shotgun or a robot and a sword.

Each mission gives you an outlaw to hunt down and take out. You can earn upgrades with in-game money earned while also unlocking achievements and beating your friends in local co-op play. It will be released on January 25 on both Steam and the Humble Store. The usual price is $9.99 – but early adopters can get 10% off during launch week. It looks like a riot of a game and should be an enjoyable playthrough for folks who enjoy fast-paced action-platformers.