Launch of GamePump Subscription Service Has Been Delayed

GamePump is an upcoming subscription service (and publisher) with a focus on bringing retro console exclusives to PC. Those who subscribe get their games at a far cheaper rate and should have received their first title on January 6.

That didn’t happen. Unfortunately, development on their key January title just simply didn’t match up with the timeline. Now, it’s going to be a matter of weeks (up until March, potentially) before the unannounced game is ready.

GamePump founder Robert Bowling had this to say:

“I take full responsibility for this delay and am sorry for this failing. I understand that this can be frustrating and disappointing and I do not want any of our subscribers to feel cheated. Therefore, I would like to offer a full refund to any user who may feel that way.”

Those who do not take him off on this refund offer will be receiving two additional games free of charge. The first is LIT, a previous exclusive of the Wii eShop.