Three Keys to Success for Nintendo’s Switch Presentation

Is there a better way to kick off 2017 than with a console reveal? One would be hard-pressed to disagree, and fortunately, that’s exactly what we’re getting later this week, with Nintendo hosting an extended presentation on their Switch console this Thursday at 8 PM PT. With rumors, speculation, and leaks all amping up ever since the Switch’s debut trailer back in October, there’s plenty of buzz surrounding this new platform and fans are sure to have their own personal hopes regarding what they would get most excited to see at Nintendo’s press conference. To ensure that these announcements get the pomp and circumstance they deserve, here’s a few tips and hopes for Nintendo to give the Switch the best possible opportunity prior to its likely launch in just a couple of months.

Go In-Depth

With Nintendo taking a somewhat unusual and shortened approach to their console reveal, plenty of confirmed information surrounding the console is still up in the air, leaving potential buyers unsure of what they would truly be buying into. If March is indeed still the targeted launch month for the Switch, then Nintendo should wait no longer and give a full, but not overly lengthy, reveal at the Switch’s specs and capabilities. While using this necessary section of the presentation as a launching point before diving into the easily more exciting software demonstrations might be the expected usage, inserting it more towards the middle of the exhibition could prove beneficial as well, by incorporating a more natural sense of pacing before ramping back up again for some more game reveals and trailers. But wherever Nintendo decides to place it, the company should do their best to eliminate any doubt and uncertainty about what exactly fans and their hard-earned cash will be receiving upon launch.

Third-Party Reveal(s)

As far as the software portions of the presentation goes, it’ll be very hard for Nintendo to go wrong there. Plenty of new and first looks at first-party games will undoubtedly garner the most hype, while there will surely also be plenty of ports of third-party games that will get their time in the spotlight as well, as suggested by the Switch’s debut trailer. However, if Nintendo really wants to cement the Switch’s status as a return to form, then the strongest way to do that would be a reveal from a major third-party company, potentially even one that Nintendo has not had as strong of a relationship with in the past. Beyond Good and Evil 2 seems to be the title that gets brought up the most, with rumors speculating that the long-awaited sequel could even be a timed exclusive, which would be a huge gain for Nintendo. But whatever that reveal is, having one (or more) from a third-party developer would certainly erase some of the caution from fans who have fallen off of Nintendo in recent years.

Show the Console in Action

Arguably the most important thing Nintendo can do during their presentation is having gameplay demos that show off the Switch’s unique potential. Nintendo has already announced that a livestream from the Treehouse will take place the following day, which will likely address this same aspect, but that doesn’t mean Nintendo still shouldn’t take advantage of the power that a live Switch playthrough would have during the presentation. While live playthroughs don’t really do as much as they used to these days, with the majority of the action still taking place on screen, Nintendo should do its best to steer away from any demonstration that solely relies on a big screen, and instead show off the Switch as fans themselves would end up using it, be it for gaming on the go or with friends in the same area. There would clearly need to be some additional steps taken for fans not at the event, in order to properly display how the people on stage are taking advantage of the Switch’s capabilities, but that extra bit of effort will go a long way towards showing the Switch’s true power, and helping gamers make the right choice when the console hits store shelves later this Spring.

What are you hoping will finally be revealed at the Switch presentation? Any additional suggestions for Nintendo prior to their big day? Let us know in the comments below.