ASCII Roguelike Brut@l Dated for PC

Last year’s fun and enjoyable dungeon crawler Brut@l, by UK-based Stormcloud Games, is finally, fittingly, making its way to PC next month publisher Rising Star Games has announced. The ASCII-carved indie title — which pays homage to the early days of roguelikes comprised solely of text-based characters and symbols; a visual direction that paid off superbly in the finished product when it originally released on PS4 last year — will be available for PC players on February 9.

For those still not in the know, Brut@l is a single-player/local co-op based RPG with procedurally-generated dungeons, the aim being to survive and reach the twenty-fifth floor in each stand-alone run. Along the way you’ll unlock experience as well as unique letters that can be used to carve out new and stronger weapons to help you on your way. But no doubt it’s the text-based visual style and minimal aesthetic that will certainly grab newcomers attention straight away, of which you can check out in the new PC release trailer below. You can catch up on our thoughts of Brut@l when it originally released in our review of the game here.