First Batch of Titans Added to Dragon Blaze

The free-to-play RPG from Gamevil, Dragon Blaze, has received a sizable update. While it’s nothing like the addition of Chapter 4 in December, which modified various modes and aspects of the experience, it comes in the form of the first new allies in a couple of months.

First we have Striking Atlas, a Rogue character that is fast paced and deals significant damage, even going as far as to remove buffs from her enemies. The second Titan is Priestess of Light, Thetis. This is primarily a healer, although most of her abilities are centered around buffing the party with damage absorption and attack boosts.

Unlike the Awakened Heroes, Atlas and Thetis don’t need specific individuals to deify, so if you have a Rogue or Priest SSS ally at Ultimate form, they can be obtained. With that, a new Essence has been introduced called Titan Essence. This is what you need to upgrade these two individuals, alongside any future Titan ally.

Dragon Blaze is available for free on iOS and Android devices.