For Honor Cinematic Trailer Released, Closed Beta Dates Set

With just a little over a month until Ubisoft’s first release of 2017, the studio has revealed new information about the upcoming closed beta, as well as a cinematic trailer for their historical fighter, For Honor.

Compared to past cinematic trailers, the For Honor trailer below is surprisingly calm, instead opting for some bleak visuals and narration to get the player hyped for their upcoming battles. For those that would rather not wait until February to participate in those brawls, Ubisoft has divulged that the previously-announced closed beta will take place from January 26-29, ending only two weeks before the full launch. This testing experience will also be the first chance for players to try out the War of the Factions, which rewards those who are more victorious in one of the game’s three factions, Knights, Vikings, and Samurai, with said rewards transferring over to the main game upon launch.

For Honor will release on February 14 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For those interested in signing up for the beta, click here to apply for entrance into the beta.