Live Like an E.T. and Wall-E Hybrid in ‘Phoning Home’

As some may have seen in one of last month’s Screenshot Saturdays, developer ION LANDS’s upcoming open-world, exploration-focused game Phoning Home takes players to a forgotten planet with some fantastical inhabitants. Players take on the role of ION, a little robot on an exploratory mission. After crash-landing, ION sets out to find a way off this dangerous world. Eventually stumbling upon ANI, another robot who happens to identify as female, ION and his new friend attempt to find a means of returning home or communicating with their home world. With news of plentiful resources for a dying world, ION and ANI must traverse ancient alien structures, craft their survival, and find a means of phoning home.

See the trailer for Phoning Home below. Phoning Home is out for PC on February 7, via Steam Greenlight.