Pokémon Sun and Moon Receive First Patch Update

It’s been a couple of months since the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon and the games are just now getting around to patching up a few bugs with version 1.1. While nothing completely detrimental has been found to occur, there have been reports of minor annoyances pertaining to specific Pokémon and battles.

The patch fixes Memento and Parting Shot, both of which are attacks that would end up crashing the game when battling online. They did not work properly and were even banned from play in order to fix the situation though they are still currently banned for the time being. There were also fixes to discrepancies from Rocky Helmet fainting, Pokémon missing out on learning new moves because of evolution and replacing attacks, items, and Pokémon within the Battle Tree.

Hopefully the troubles before this patch hasn’t caused trainers to much of a hassle. According to Serebii, if you download the update you will not be able to Battle Videos from the 1.0 version. Saving the videos someway would be a wise choice especially when there could be some amazing footage. If the update isn’t available in your area yet, it should be available within the coming days.