Freeman: Star Edge Shoots for Elder Scrolls in the Stars

Indie developer KK Game Studio wants to create an open-world game not dissimilar from some of the popular titles from Bethesda, but in a not-so-dystopian sci-fi universe that may remind people of Mass Effect. In what looks like a third-person open-world shooter, KK Game Studio’s Freeman: Star Edge might get some interest in the fact that it’s a game that attempts to be something that doesn’t quite exist yet at such a scale. Sure, having planets to explore, vehicles to drive, different creatures and enemies to shoot, and futuristic cities to live in could be quite the incredible feat for even the largest AAA developers. It’s anyone’s guess whether this game can come out at the scale they shoot for and the quality it will take to keep players interested. Those interested can see Freeman: Star Edge on Steam Greenlight.

See the first gameplay trailer for Freeman: Star Edge below, followed by its Steam Greenlight trailer.