Power Hover Glides Onto Steam

It’s a beautiful low-poly day out there and a hoverboarding robot is taking full advantage of the sunshine.  It would be a bit nicer if someone hadn’t stolen all the energy from its mechanical hometown, dropping a trail of batteries along the way, but there’s no reason to get too worked up over the potential end of robotic civilization.  Power Hover is a chilled-out chase through a series of environments where gravity isn’t a concern so long as there’s a clear path towards the goal, and the only buttons to worry about are for steering.

The robot glides along on its hoverboard while a techno-ambient soundtrack provides the beat, which is far less hectic than one might expect.  Obstacles get in the way and it takes a short period to get used to the slightly floaty controls, which I found to be far more precise on keyboard than analog stick, but it’s hard to get upset when the game spooling by is so minimalist-pretty and relaxed.  There’s plenty of things to kill you and some tight areas to squeeze through, and the Challenge mode gets brutal fairly quickly, but the game has a zen quality that makes each failure little more than a diversion on the way to doing better.  Hit a wall and insta-restart at the last checkpoint, or start the whole level over after missing a battery, but… eh.  It’s impossible to get upset when the music is carrying you along and the tough sections of the level have just enough of a break between them to give your brain time to settle down.

Power Hover released today on Steam and the soundtrack is available at Soundcloud.  I accidentally completed story mode in a single four hour sitting, so it’s safe to say the game is worth a look.