Sea of Thieves Shows Off Co-Op Gameplay in Dev Diary

Sea of Thieves is looking impressive as ever with developers showing off the co-op capabilities in a new developer diary. From the start its stated that this game was completely designed around co-op, so finally seeing them talk about it is even more of a treat.

Specifically focusing in on just what players can expect, Sea of Thieves is looking to bring sailing a ship on open water to realistic levels. In the video, Senior Designers Shelley and Andrew Preston talk on just how sailing the ship is a challenge in and of itself — with every crew member having a specific job to do. The realism in this game might be the most exciting feature by allowing everyone to take part in any job, or working together to uncover all the booty that awaits any scallywag who is looking to get their hands on it.

It’s reminiscent of table top games like Forbidden Island/Desert and how working together is the path to success. Check it all out in the video below because these two do a far better job explaining their game: