Sundered to Corrupt Kickstarter Next Week

Sundered wants to know how much victory is worth in terms of sacrificing one’s humanity.  Maybe you’re really fond of who and what you are and are perfectly willing to put in extra the effort in to avoid change, or maybe your mind and identity are fluid and welcome the powers brought about by succumbing to the temptations of ancient corrupting magic.  The warrior Eshe runs through a random Metroidvania-style world picking up new abilities along the way in standard genre fashion, and death gives her the opportunity to not only upgrade her stats but also corrupt the skills she’s found into new, stronger versions.  How much of Eshe’s humanity you trade for power is a personal choice, but seeing as the cavern map is generated anew after dying there’s no reason not to play through a few times, experimenting to see how her sacrificing Eshe’s purity effects the game’s final boss and ending.

Sundered is coming to Kickstarter on January 16 and it’s the new game from Thunder Lotus, the developer of Jotun.  Unlike a standard Kickstarter this isn’t to fund the game but rather gain feedback and fund the polishing it receives based on player input.  Because of this, even the cheapest game-earning tier gives access to the game’s beta, with an earlier alpha going to the pricier ones.  The current plan calls for Sundered to be released this July whether the Kickstarter succeeds or not, but getting a community of fans testing and offering feedback could do very nice things for the overall quality of the experience.  While the campaign isn’t live yet, Thunder Lotus is soliciting feedback (the company is big on that) and it can be viewed in a preview state over here.  If you were a backer of Jotun you can even get a second copy of that game free by donating on day one, so might want to hit that “Notify me on launch” button found at the top of the page.  Sundered is promising to be a beautifully hand-animated action roguelike with strong replayability, and its Kickstarter reward is facing a quick turnaround, so if that’s something that makes you happy then the campaign should be worth a look.