1-2-Switch Releases Alongside Nintendo Switch

There’s lots to get excited for with the new Nintendo Switch console coming soon. One of the big announcements that took place during the event was the creation of 1-2-Switch. It is a game everybody can play together.

1-2-Switch is a game that pits two players against one another to see who will make the first move. It is set up as a duel-like scenario with many different modes to try. You may be in a Western shootout, have to pick up a phone, or end up in a sword fight. The game takes advantage of the two Joy-Con controllers that come with the console. Players face one another with the screen in the middle to begin the showdown.

1-2-Switch is set to be a staple for parties and fun for everyone. It launches on March 3 along with the Switch. Check out some of the action in its debut trailer!