Duplicating Puzzle Platformer BOOR Launching Next Month

Here’s another upcoming 2D platformer enthusiasts of the genre may want to keep on their watch-list. BOOR, created by developer Dazlog Studio — and published by BadLand Games — is set in an illustratively minimal setting in which players take control of a little girl who has accidentally landed on the distant futuristic colony of Eden, under siege by malfunctioning A.I. known as BOOR. However, perhaps the biggest selling point is the main character’s ability to duplicate herself for brief periods which players must use to solve the game’s many array of puzzles spread across 80 levels.

“I’ve been inspired by games like Limbo, Braid and Portal to create a puzzle/platformer that focuses on game playability and aesthetics.” Daniel Moreno, developer and founder of Dazlog Studio explains and it’s clear from the art direction alone that said influences are at the forefront. How far the gameplay, as much the game in general, will go however, we’ll find out soon enough. BOOR will be available on PC on February 14.