Nintendo Switch Gets New Arena Boxing Game Called ARMS

The Joy-Con’s motion-sensing features were extensively shown off during the January 12 presentation of the device and a new arena-style boxing game was shown off for it. ARMS gives you giant boxing gloves attached to massive arms that can stretch and extend as you need to earn the victory.

It’s like boxing, with a blend of shooting since you need to aim at enemies. You hold one Joy-Con in each hand in a thumbs-up pose, the Joy-Con then senses your movements so you’ll get 1:1 movements with your in-game character.

Character movement is done by tilting the controller and you can still dash and jump as you need to. The action is fast and somewhat reminiscent of Splatoon in how fast-paced it is — and it looks like a riot for party gaming.

ARMS will be released this spring — so it would appear that it will miss the system’s launch.