Only 3% of Developers Making Games for Switch According to Survey

While there’s no doubting many people around the World — be it gamers, press or both — are looking forward to seeing what Nintendo have to show and offer at tonight’s (or tomorrow’s, technically, if you’re residing outside of the US) press conference in which more crucial information will be revealed regarding the Nintendo Switch, a survey released by the UBM today — prior to this year’s Game Developer Conference (GDC for short) — shows that of the 4,500 attendees that responded to questions concerning the Switch, only 3% of developers are currently making games that will be available on Nintendo’s upcoming console.

Compare this with not just Nintendo’s competitors in the current-gen console market — Microsoft’s 22% for either the Xbox One or Project Scorpio and Sony’s 27% for the PS4 or PS4 Pro — but also previous-gen hardware — the Xbox 360 also receiving 3% support while the PS3 is getting 2% — as well as the statistic that more developers (4%) are making games for Apple TV and it paints a rather revealing picture of where Nintendo stand at present in regards to their relationship with 3rd party game makers.

Though the general consensus on the Switch, when comparing to the Wii U, seems to be a bit more positive. When asked if they believed the Switch would do better commercially, exactly half of those surveyed believed it would while 14% believed it wouldn’t. But in regards to one of the console’s unique selling points, the ability to switch between a docked “home” mode and a portable version, 48% were unsure on how the public would take to the idea with only 19% confident that public perception would be good. Whether or not developers’ minds and/or perception will change come tomorrow remains to be seen, but we won’t have to wait long now to see how Nintendo will move forward going into the release of their new console.