Suda51 Reveals That Travis Strikes Again on Nintendo Switch

Ladies and gentlemen, he’s back. Travis Touchdown will indeed be returning to the Nintendo Switch. Suda51 was there at Nintendo’s presentation, and proudly announced the return of Santa Destroy’s favorite assassin, complete with a new promo pic seen below. Now, before you get excited for a third chapter, Suda didn’t specifically state that it would be a new No More Heroes game, or at the very least, that they didn’t have a title yet. He did reveal that he was looking around the indie scene for some inspiration, attempting to get a sense for the type of gameplay that suits Travis best, to sum things up. But no matter what name he shows up in, we’re just glad to see Travis back in all his awesomeness, proudly on a Nintendo console again. Naturally, we’ll keep you filled on any later developments concerning whatever this new Suda game is, so stay tuned.