Super Bomberman R Explodes Onto Nintendo Switch This March

Given the notable focus on local multiplayer games and parties during tonight’s Nintendo Switch event, it only makes sense that one of the original party games to have graced many Nintendo consoles – Bomberman – would eventually be making an appearance on the console. Indeed, the latest installment in the classic franchise, Super Bomberman R, has now been revealed for the Switch with a new trailer that you can check out below.

It’s a short video, but it tells us that there will be a classic Battle Mode for up to eight players, along with a new single-player campaign and enhanced graphics, including what appear to be some 2D animated cutscenes and elements. Komani have fallen out of favor with gamers in recent years, to say the least, but this looks like it may an impressive enough title to…well, it won’t come close to redeeming them, let’s be honest. But Super Bomberman R does still look like it could easily be a damn fun game, so let’s see if it can recapture some of that old-school magic when it comes out for the Switch in March.