Upcoming Dishonored 2 Update Adds Mission Select, Customizable Difficulty

Arkane continues to add fan-requested features via patches for their latest release, Dishonored 2, with a new patch inbound that implements the ability to replay specific missions and customize the difficulty to one’s preference.

Announced today via a blog post, the patch, officially titled “Game Update 2”, allows players to revisit any mission they had previously completed, making it easier to acquire specific goals or collectibles without having to play through previous missions. Game Update 2 also adds a new Custom difficulty option, which presents the player with over twenty sliders to fully optimize the experience to the player’s liking. Whether you want to move through an area unseen and undetected or cause as much chaos as possible, these new customizable options will offer plenty of intriguing possibilities for both new and returning players alike, including Iron Mode, which sports permadeath and removes the ability to manually save or load.

Dishonored 2 is currently out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, with Game Update 2 arriving as a beta for PC players on January 18, and releasing to all next week on January 23. For more on Arkane’s first-person steampunk title, check out Hardcore Gamer’s review of the title, which praises Arkane’s attention to detail in the world of Karnaca.