Early Access to Pit People Available Now

The Behemoth, the team behind Castle Crashers and Battleblock Theater, has put out the early access version of their fourth title, a turn-based strategy game by the name of Pit People.

As shown off in the trailer below, Pit People sports the same zany humor and unique art style of past Behemoth games, but features a new genre, focused on planning and careful execution. The early access version of Pit People offers a “sizable chunk” of the story missions, as well as access to the game’s local and online co-op and versus modes, with additional content being added as the team continues development. Players who own previous Behemoth titles will receive exclusive unlocks for use in Pit People.

Pit People’s early access is currently available on the game’s intended launch platforms, Xbox One and PC, for a slightly discounted rate of $15.