Friday the 13th Now Features Misfits

Friday the 13th is one of the most iconic horror franchises so what better band to be included in the game’s soundtrack than the Misfits? The appropriately title single Friday the 13th from their 2016 EP of the same title is featured in the upcoming game. Misfits have a history of drawing influence for their songs from horror movies, as this EP also features a song inspired by that other series of horror movies about some ugly dude named Freddy, so it is this writer’s opinion that Misfits being added to the soundtrack makes perfect sense. This particular EP has Jerry Only handling lead vocal duties, and while he might be as strong of a vocalist of Danzig or Graves the EP isn’t bad.

In addition to the new music, the reveal of Jason Voorhees as portrayed in Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI is now available in a new trailer. This version of Jason is equipped with throwing knives and a long spear like weapon, perfect for closing the distance on those retreating camp counselors. As cool as these announcements sound, I will truly be happy if Friday the 13th includes the phrase “you and your friends are dead” somewhere in the final version.