Titanfall 2 Adding Free New Maps, Multiplayer Mode

In a blog post developer Respawn Entertainment has announced that they are making some changes to Titanfall 2, most notably adding a new free 6v6 Pilots-only multiplayer mode called Live Fire.

Live Fire is a round-based best of 5 death match mode where players have just one minute to kill the entire enemy team with no respawning allowed. Players can also win by having your team hold the neutral flag when the timer runs out. Respawn is also adding two more Live Fire specific maps to the game called Stacks and Meadows.

Along with the new mode, the developer is also adding a number of new pilot animations, Faction command intros to matches, and improved user-interface options to the way multiplayer playlists.

All of these additions remain free as per Respawn’s promise to make all of the game’s content based DLC free to players.