Screenshot Saturday Featuring Skycurser, Cool Swords in Caves, Many More

Screenshot Saturday can have almost anything in it and usually does, whether that be weird little personal projects or titles that ping a little higher on the radar.  It’s something new every week, which is what makes it exciting to see.  This feature trims the list down to about a dozen images plus a bonus one, based primarily on how visually interesting the image happens to be.  It’s only a tiny cross-section of what’s available, though, and there’s plenty more to see if you follow the hashtag straight to Twitter.  It’s worth mentioning again, just like every week, that the blue arrows on all those animations are worth clicking on, because there’s a lot of good stuff waiting to be seen once the images start moving.  Also, there’s a good amount of demos and freebies in this week’s offerings, so have fun going a bit more hands-on than normal.

In the Darkness of the Sea- Narrative-based game where a boy is adrift at sea in a lifeboat. It’s a short, free adventure with a gorgeous black and near-white art style.

Skycurser-  Fly left to right and shoot things in a pixel-art throwback arcade game.  As in, actual stand-up cabinet arcade, rather than arcade-style.  Skycurser is out on location at arcades across the country, although sadly none of them are even slightly close to me.

Cool Swords in Caves- Zelda-ish adventure that could really use more information being made available, although the title probably says just about everything that needs to be known. Also, it’s got a tiny sworderang mini-game during the loading screen which you can play now.

Golf Zero- The options in golf are 1) go for a nice walk across a field or 2) take a short stroll beside goofy hazards. It’s not sport known for its high danger quotient. Golf Zero fixed this by almost ensuring the death of your golfer, but so long as the shot lands it counts as a win.

Junkyard Madness- Action game desperately in need of more information. The art style really should look too busy but somehow it works out just fine, and I can’t help but think of Drummer Hoff when I look at it.

2000:1: A Space Felony- Murder mystery in space. It’s probably not the AI that did it because that would be far too obvious. Also, that’s easily the best subtitle of any game this year, managing to modify 2001 and reference Dr. Strangelove all at the same time.

Eagle Island- Despite the success of Owlboy there’s still a shortage of owls in gaming. Eagle Island is helping to restore that by featuring a falconer with an owl, wandering through a procedurally-generated series of caves and environments rendered in nicely-detailed pixel art. The owl is both friend and weapon, trailing after you wherever you go and powering up with magic feathers found through the world.

Shadow Fencer Theater- About as self-explanatory as a title gets- shadow puppets fence each other in a theater, complete with the fuzzy silhouettes of the controlling hands below the “stage”. It was initially a Ludum Dare game, and you can play that version here, but it came together strong enough to be worth expanding to something bigger.

Winds of Revenge- Peg the boss with a paper airplane using the fans in the office to affect its flight path. There’s no way to blame it on you if done right, because that thing could have come from anywhere. A little nonchalant whistle and you’re free of suspicion.  Winds of Revenge is free over at

Unnamed-  As the image says, its some kind of flower game.  I’ve no idea how the geometric swirling will have any gameplay attached but I do know I could watch it near enough to forever.

Plasma Puncher-  As a white blood cell, it’s necessary to keep the body clean of viruses and other illness-bearing intruders.  Usually this is done, as the title implies, by way of punching, but sometimes you’ve got to break out the giant purple googly-eyed whackbonk to properly enforce a healthy environment.

The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup-  A robot dog explores a dark yet colorful mechanical world in a platform/puzzler from two of the designers of Conker’s Bad Fur Day.  Unlike a standard platformer you control the game by moving the scene around, turning on and off devices by use of touch controls.  The 3DS version seems likely to still be in the works but I’d be willing to bet console development has moved on to the Switch.

Bonus Image

Hades Hideaway- There’s a reason certain stages of game development don’t get screenshots shared around. This is a semi-normal part of the process, albeit a horrifyingly wrong one. I’m sure she’ll be lovely once the trauma works its way through her system.