Motion Controls are a Plus for the Nintendo Switch

During the live presentation last week, Nintendo showed off something in particular that perhaps a few watchers expected based on rumors, but to others came as a surprise. No doubt many people hesitated when Nintendo brought up motion controls, the one contribution to gaming that has had extremely mixed opinions since the release of the Wii. While this may seem like an odd move for Nintendo to many gamers, motion controls in the Switch seem as though they’re going to play out positively.

Motion controls have followed Nintendo since the release of the Wii. They stuck around for the Wii U, seen in the compatibility with Wii Remotes. Now the Switch continues the trend, but as far as we can tell, doesn’t include that same compatibility with the Wii Remotes. The Switch instead uses its own Joy-Cons with further improved control and it seems quite a bit more impressive than what the Wii offered. These motion controls were shown to be significantly more sensitive, displayed numerous times through the game 1-2 Switch. In some of the mini-games shown, players would need to move the Joy-Con to be able to tell how many balls were rolling back and fourth and another enabling them to feel themselves milking a cow. These might just seem like silly games, and they surely are, but show that with their new console comes a much needed improvement on their old ideas.

The important thing, however, is not the motion controls in relation to newer games. Even Nintendo seems to have recognized that there should be alternatives to motion controls in games that use it. Their new exclusive game ARMS is a heavily motion based game where players punch using slight controls with the Joy-Cons and slight movement changes, but it was also revealed that it can be played entirely without motion controls. So then one might wonder what good they are at all, since Nintendo seems open to alternative controls with new games. It all comes down to the Virtual Console games.

The Virtual Console has become one of the most popular parts of Nintendo systems as an easy way for players to gain access to their favorite old games. Due to the inclusion of motion controls, the Wii U was able to bring back some of the more popular Wii games that many players never had a chance to buy. Switch as we know it now has the same capabilities, but is offering a potentially far superior experience than either the Wii or Wii U could supply. The improved motion controls will let players enjoy their favorite Wii games that depended heavily on the Wii Remote motion with more reliability. Many players disliked the controls due to poor response and towards the end of the Wii’s life span, while improved upon in many ways, was still looked down upon mainly by older gamers. Games like The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword were not completed simply due to the controls, but with Switch, players have a chance at trying these games again in the best possible form.

It is apparent that Nintendo has put a lot of hard work and thought into the Switch. While it’s still not perfect, they’re still supplying fans with content that they will be able to enjoy for, hopefully, years to come. In typical Nintendo fashion, they are heavily appealing to their fanbase while trying to entice newcomers with completely different ideas. The new motion controls might only interest those familiar with the Wii games it could improve, but has the possibility of giving players who didn’t previously own a recent Nintendo console a good experience with their much improved controls.