Nioh has Gone Gold

Tecmo Koei has confirmed that Nioh has gone gold and won’t suffer from anymore delays.

The long-awaited action-adventure game is almost upon us. Tecmo Koei sent out a Tweet confirming that the game has gone gold, which means that the product is completed and ready to be printed onto blu-ray discs. The Tweet was in Japanese, but, when translated, confirmed that there would be no more delays. ‘Mastering up’ is the Japanese term for going gold. The February 9 release date applies only to Japan, as it will release a few days earlier in North America.

“Nioh” has safely succeeded in mastering up. Thanks to everyone who waited for such a long time. Finally it will released February 9 (Thu)! There are no more delays.”

Nioh is set during the early 1600s in a fictionalized dark fantasy version of the Sengoku period. You play as William, a westerner who travels to Japan in pursuit of an enemy. The game is heavily inspired by the Dark Souls franchise, which means that players can expect quite a challenge.

Nioh is out February 7 in North America exclusively on PS4.