Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.5 Drops and it’s a Big One

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.5 — titled The Far Edge of Fate — has released today and it’s a hefty one. The latest patch coming to Eorzea brings a lot of change with it, fine-tuning FFXIV to make player’s time in Eorzea more fulfilling while getting ready for the next expansion, Stormblood, releasing June 20.

Patch 3.5 brings a number of new quest lines with it. Everything ranging from quest specific to class, new side quest, FATES and much more. The other most notable changes are the ones pertaining to Housing and the Party Finder.

Housing in FFXIV will now feature even more decor for homes and make it easier to access player specific housing while visiting any other players home.

The Party Finder has gone through a substantial change, now linking all World servers allowing players to group up for almost anything one would want to do. Players will now be able to register in the Party Finder for cross-server access, which should make grouping up a little smoother. Unfortunately, it doesn’t pertain to everything one might want to group up for, but it’s a good start.

It’s important to note, if Heavensward is not installed, content for patch 3.5 will not be available – this pertains to any patch after 3.0 for FFXIV. For all the patch details, head over here.