Go Go Buy Power Rangers: Mega Battle Today

It’s Morphin’ Time! The co-op action platformer based on the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is out today on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Power Rangers: Mega Battle features beat-em-up style action with different powers and abilities based on which ranger you’re playing as. With upgrade trees and experience points, players are able to customize each ranger to their play style, making it easier to more effectively take on Rita Repulsa and her gang. You can also play as the Megazords when things get too big for the rangers, and if you’re an old school Power Rangers fan, or a fan of any kind, really, that’s exciting.

The co-op also allows the players to combine their abilities and rack up the points. You can use those points to upgrade your skill tree. Check out the trailer for Power Rangers: Mega Battle to get a better idea of what to expect:

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle is online at the PlaySation and Xbox stores for $14.99.