Little Nightmares Gets a Release Date, Plus a Death-Packed Trailer

As other indie horror platformers such as Inside and Limbo have shown us, there is no shortage of unsettling deaths that innocent, childlike figures can succumb to in this genre. And indeed, for their upcoming game Little Nightmares, Bandai Namco and developers Tarsier Studios have unleashed a new trailer featuring “The Nine Deaths of Six,” which you can view below, showing some of the many ways our main heroine Six can meet her demise, be it disintegrated by a creepy ever-seeing eye or shoved into a giant fish head by a bloated monster to be made into dinner.

In addition, the eerie new trailer provides us with a current release date for Little Nightmares, that of April 28, where it will be available digitally on Xbox One, PS4, and Steam. Bandai Namco also announced a physical “Six Edition” which will have such goodies as a 10 cm Six figurine, an exclusive poster, a sticker board, and a copy of the game’s original soundtrack, all in a themed cage box. It was not made clear if this edition would be released on April 28 as well, though, or if it would just be available in the near future after the game’s release. But regardless of what form the game comes in, Little Nightmares has indeed impressed us with the level of work put into it so far, so you can bet we’ll be looking forward to late April when we get to see just what other kinds of horror it can deliver.