The Sea of Moving Ice is Now Under Console Players’ Feet

It feels like it’s been awhile since Cryptic Studio’s Neverwinter: Storm King’s Thunder: Sea of Moving Ice became available for PC owners, leaving console players in the cold. Or in the warmth. How would the turn of phrase work when one is talking about an MMO expansion set around preventing the villain, Jarl Storvard, from covering the world in permafrost, and taking place in the frigid Northern land? That question will be left to better linguists than I.

Anyhow, this expansion, previously exclusive to PC, has just released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and features the following new content:

  • A full new adventure zone
  • New mode of travel (nautical ships)
  • An added fishing minigame
  • Treasure hunting (complete with searching for elusive pieces of maps)
  • New Artifact weapons
  • An epic assault event where players take on the defenses of Svardborg

It truly is a wealth of content considering this was meant to be a half step towards expansion, as opposed to a major content drop. Also, as usual, this stuff is free and attached to a game that doesn’t make the player feel like they need to pay in order to win.