A Quick Look at Dragon Blaze’s First Wave of Gigantes

While last week we saw the introduction of Titan allies, this week we’re treated to the first set of keys associated with them. While there’s still Dragon Busters and Dark Souls, these new acquirable keys are named Gigantes and are essentially more powerful versions of their ally counterparts. Each one excels in specific categories, but considering the Titan Essence just recently came out last week, it’s likely most players won’t have the capability to acquire or enhance them all that much just yet – unless of course you purchase the essence in the in-game store.

First is Gigantes Atlas. This rogue deals incredible damage to her opponents, even removing positive buffs and stunning them for upwards of eight seconds. The biggest and most important active skill, though, is her ability to knock an opposing Dragon Buster or Dark Soul (depending on their level) out of the battlefield for thirty seconds, making her an absolute must for PvP players. If you have a rogue main character, you can equip Gigantes Atlas onto him, which will be great for Guild Battle, but it might be best to equip her onto another diety for the other modes, such as Atlas for PvP or Lucienne for World Bosses.

Gigantes Atlas requires ULT versions of Striking Atlas, Mikaela the Fatal and Draco Greysoul. If you’re lucky enough to enhance her to ULT status, Gigantes Atlas will not only decrease area of effect damage by 25%, but also heal HP equivalent to 28% of the damage she inflicts. She is very much equivilant to someone like Dark Soul Tiehr in terms of raw damage, but possesses additional abilities that makes her very unique and far more capable in PvP modes such as Guild Battle, Fortress and Arena.


Gigantes Tethys is the second addition to this update. Being a priest, this key is aimed more towards buffing and healing your allies rather than doing raw damage like Atlas is design for. She can increase a party’s attack power along with their speed and stamina, so she’s only really useful if you already have a strong offensive team. She even protects everyone from debuffs and one of her passive skills increases defensive capabilities by 22%, along with overall damage reduction by 15%. When you look at Dragon Buster Epsilon or Dark Soul Shiva, Tethys is very different and resembles more of the main Priest character when set up with Magnify! ability maxed out.

Gigantes Tethys requires Princess of Light Tetyhs, Merciful Mercedes and Manalandy the Spirit’s Friend all ULT, along with 30 Titan Essence, to create. As for her Ultimate form, Tethys increases everyone’s attack power by 23% and their fixed damage by 16%. She seems to be an all-rounded individual to have in your arsenal and would do wonders in virtually every mode available.

These two Gigantes are available right now. Dragon Blaze is available for free on iOS and Android devices.