Alice VR Developer Carbon Studio Announces The Wizards

It feels like there has been a dearth of interesting virtual reality titles as of late. I’ve been okay with this as I’m still not bored with many of the stellar titles that have been made available, but it’s still been somewhat disappointing. Carbon Studio’s Alice VR is one of those titles that I keep returning to based purely on its art design and interesting story. Fortunately, the studio that brought us that underrated gem is in the process of developing a new title called The Wizards.

Another VR title, the game casts the players as a young spellcaster who must travel through time to protect the Realm of Men. Using spells based on the four elements, the wizard must face down various opponents across numerous environments to save the day. Using the Unreal 4 engine, the studio is aiming to create worlds worth exploring. Based solely on their previous title, I have every belief that this will turn out to be the case.

The other interesting element for the title comes in the form of Fate Cards. Using these tweaks the gameplay, making it more or less difficult for the player. These will be earned throughout the campaign, and seek to add a high replay value to the campaign. How it will work in practice remains to be seen. Having just heard of this title, I am eager to learn and see more, which makes the teaser trailer, seen below, all the more aggravating. It certainly titillates, but holds the details extremely close to its chest. Fortunately, the game is set to launch sometime this year, and more information will be coming as the game goes through development.