Atlas Reactor Completely Free-to-Play for Season 2

The one of a kind turn-based multiplayer arena game that is Atlas Reactor turned Season 2 yesterday and with it brought some new freelancers as well as a very big announcement. Oh and there’s also a new trailer if you’re into that sort of thing.

Coming in Season 2 will be new content pumping out intermittently over a ten week period starting with a brand new freelancer and game mode. Jump in now as Byrnn, the Skywarden and take down your opponents at midrange with spear and shield. Line up the opposition and hit them all with a far reaching Impale or knock them back and line them up for a future opportunity.

Rounding out the big news in Season 2 is the revelation that Atlas Reactor is completely free-to-play now. You can earn everything in-game with a new currency called Flux. Peep the trailer below alongside a few more exciting new features.

  • New Modes – With each of the five chapters comprising Season 2, a new gameplay mode will be introduced, starting with the All-Random Mode introduced today.
  • New Loot – Dozens of new unique skins, emojis, overcons, ranked rewards, and more
  • Revamped Intro Experience – A new and revamped introductory experience will help acquaint new players with the game’s mechanics and provide a more meaningful experience for prospective Freelancers.
  • Rebalanced Freelancers and Ranked System – Various balance changes for all Freelancers have now been implemented. In a new and improved Ranked System, open to ALL players, players will now progress through Ranks with a more predictable result of gains and losses after each match. Players will no longer be able to drop Ranks but can drop tiers, and players who achieve Master Rank will enter a new leaderboard style system.
  • More to Come – Season 2 is just beginning, and each of the season’s five chapters will bring new compelling lore, new challenges with new rewards, new choices for players to make that affect future content released, and more.