Gravity Rush’s Kat Receives Figma Figure

You’ll get all turned upside down for this Gravity Kat figurine. Gravity Rush 2 is now releasing for all to enjoy and with that comes this highly detailed Figma figure for fans to display.

Kat is very articulated and can be posed in a variety of ways to make it look like she’s truly defying gravity. She comes with two sets of special gear, Jupiter and Lunar style, to pull off amazing mid-air feats. There are a couple of different faceplates and hands to swap out for any occasion. Plus, Dusty, her loyal cat, also joins in on the fun. If you order from the Good Smile shop you receive a special hand piece which is holding an apple.

The Kat figure will not be available to own until August but orders can be placed now through March 2. Better rush over to pick one up before it’s too late! Check out the images below to see for a better look at the figures.