Yasuhiro Wada Explains “Create” in Birthdays: The Beginning Developer Video

Go back far enough in time and there’s nothing.  No life, no planet, no star to provide a handy gravitational well to orbit about.  It would make for an incredibly boring game so Birthdays: The Beginning starts its clock at the beginning of life.  There’s dirt and water and a few chemical compounds, but what it could really use is a superhero-like helper to bring the elements together in a way that fosters diversity in evolution.  This is done mostly by raising and lowering land to adjust the temperature, creating new biomes more amenable to a wide variety of species.

Birthdays: The Beginning is the first game in a new series from Harvest Moon’s creator Yasuhiro Wada, and he’s started a short video series to explain how it came about and give insight into the ways the gameplay elements fit together.  The first video, Create, was released today, and it talks about both the origins of the species game as a series and how you control the creation of life in the game.  It’s a nice breakdown of the adorable and strange god game, with plenty of detail left for the forthcoming Part 2: Nurture.