Motiga’s Gigantic Sees its First Update

Still in open beta, the free to play arena action game Gigantic is already shaping up to be one of the better titles in the genre. It has an interesting take on competitive multiplayer that really needs to be checked out. However, it is still in beta, and the updates are rolling in. The biggest one just launched for Xbox One and Windows 10. Dubbed Exile in the North, this update introduces a whole host of new things to check out. The most obvious ones:

  • New Hero: Pakko-A huggable, playful giant who has no problem keeping cool in the heat of battle. The happy-go-lucky Pakko slides into action, pummeling foes with powerful paws while maneuvering around opponents with surprising agility. That’s the character up above and I will be doing my best to ruin peoples day with him. He’s too adorable to not want to master.
  •  New Winter Themed Skins: These include one for Pakko, two for Wu, and two for Tripp.
  • New Winter Themed Weapon Skins: One for Wu and one for Tripp.

While these additions are nice, there are some quality of life improvements. End of match Crown Boosts are increased, allowing more player customization and experimentation. The will also be Honor bonuses that are doled out for players who complete a match even if teammates drop out. This is pretty cool in my book and something that needs to be used elsewhere. The best is unlockable Hero Mastery Skins. Nothing makes an opposing team more nervous than seeing a player decked out in such a way that can only be earned through excellence. My time in Battleborn showed that people get stupid when they see a hero kitted up in top level black. The update can be downloaded right now.