Long-Awaited Visual Novel Da Capo 3 R Makes English Debut

One of the earliest games MangaGamer ever released was D.C. ~Da Capo~ in 2008. Da Capo II made its debut in 2010. Fast forward nearly seven years and Da Capo 3 R is finally officially available for English-speaking gamers.

This game took so long in part because it is absolutely massive. Although number three in the series, newcomers will be able to enjoy it as a standalone product. With that said, MangaGamer does suggest you play through the first two titles first if possible.

Da Capo 3 R is the first Da Capo available on Steam with a launch week discount of $33.99. Da Capo 3 R ~X Rated~ is the 18+ version which is exclusively on MangaGamer’s own storefront.