Strafe to Begin Blowing Minds on March 28

So after the sheer rush of carnage-filled joy last year that was Doom, a lot of us are definitely looking for other old-school FPS romps to fill any potential voids that may be left by its absence in 2017. Pixel Titans and Devolver Digital’s Strafe has always been the strongest contender, certainly making quite the impression on us, but we still haven’t known how long it would be before we can fully indulge in the game’s bleeding-edge 1996 graphics and gore-filled gameplay. Well, we only have to wait a couple of months more now, as a March 28 release date was announced today for Strafe.

Of course, Strafe being the kind of game that it is, it made this announcement in the only way that it knew how: By having a video (seen below) where a bunch of the game’s alien grunts stand around a red carpet and have their heads explode like party poppers, until one eventually explodes in a spray of chunky salsa that reveals the date. Considering this is coming from the guys behind one of the best and funniest trailers of last year, we expected nothing less. Strafe will be coming out for PC, Mac, and PS4 come late March, so be prepared.