Solo, an Exploration Game About Love, Seeks Success on Fig

Solo, from Madrid-based developers Team Gotham, is the latest game to attempt to achieve crowdfunding success on Fig, but describing just what it is may be a bit tricky. It’s a third-person exploration game where you play as a sailor traveling around an archipelago, solving a set of puzzles on each island using different kind of boxes, where you’re encourages to come up with your own unique solutions for each one. In addition, it’s also a meditative, introspective experience based around love where you answer various questions posed, and then receive letters from certain partners tailored to your choices. And in between that, you also wander around dream-like landscapes, take pictures, and interact with the wildlife, among other things.

Indeed, this is arguably one of those cases where a quick written description in a news item won’t do things justice, so it’s recommended that you check out the initial announcement teaser below, or better yet, head on over the Fig campaign itself to learn more about Solo. At the very least, it has a gorgeous visual style, a lot of ambition behind it, and definitely wants to create an intelligent game all about exploring personal feelings about love, so it should be a unique experience. As of the time of writing, Solo has reached 42% of its $64,500 goal, and if all goes well, we should see it sometime in early 2018.