Screenshot Saturday Featuring Flinthook, Wizard of Legend, Many More

Screenshot Saturday is about showing that no matter how the world turns, people will keep building and creating so long as they’ve got the tools to do so.  Each week is an outpouring of new games or new views on ones long in development, showcasing whatever the creators have been up to.  This feature distills the hundreds of images down to a manageable dozen, or possibly more depending on how the week goes, with a bonus at the end of the list.  The selection criteria is mostly based on visual interest, although there is a certain level of arbitrariness that can’t be removed from the system due to unavoidable personal bias.  Unless there’s a blind standard for “this looks neat!” that I’m unaware of that doesn’t seem likely to change, and in the meantime we’ll get by.  As usual, though, most of these “screenshots” are actually animations, so don’t neglect the shiny blue arrows and all the joy they hide behind a single tempting click.

Astro Kat- Super-cute action adventure game where a kitty explorer sets out to see as much of the universe as she can find. This one is very early (its web site just went live a few days ago) but there’s a demo in the works for later this year that will be worth keeping an eye out for.

Flinthook- Action semi-platformer where you’ve got a grappling hook and a gun, working your way through treasure-filled pirate ships constructed with semi-randomized rooms. The 2D art on this game has been an eye-catcher from the beginning and that’s not changing any time soon.

Unnamed- Not much info on this but it’s described by the creator as a merger of Crypt of the Necrodancer and Thief. This is a good combination that needs to happen.

The Wizard and the Slug- Action platformer where you’re a slug. There aren’t enough games where you get to play as a weird, slimy, armless yellow squishy gross thing, especially when it’s implied there’s a love story involved. There’s a demo on to check out, too.

Albatross- Time travel sounds like a good idea but it’s got a few (don’t say pitfalls) problems associated with going to the future. You might have a good idea of what a place looked like in the past, but the future could be anything. In this case, if you look close you can see where the cement is patched, so maybe that should have been a warning.

Jenny LeClue- Solve mysteries in a sleepy little town where nothing ever happens, which is frustrating for a brilliant young detective who just wants to put her skills to the test. Explore the town and interrogate residents to get to the truth, no matter what it may turn out to be.

Cull- While it’s nice to see a game set near home, and the basic structure of the landscape looks just right, that color palette needs work. The problem with going for moody horror is that the environment needs to support it, and Maine is rarely anything but colorful.

OCMO- Swing as a weird tentacle-beast through levels designed to put its physics to the test. It needs to grab a bite now and then, and nature isn’t always pretty. If you can look away from the horrific dismemberment, though, there are some nice details in the background to follow.

Space Shipyard- Build a ship and explore an uncharted universe, taking your creation against aliens or other players.  The ship creation options should give plenty of flexibility in design, allowing players to create their own unique dreadnoughts capable of handling whatever an unpredictable universe can throw at them.  Some hazards are trippier than others, though.

Wizard of Legend- Repeat, Wizard of Legend, not Avatar. Being a wizard means mastering multiple spells from all the elemental schools of magic, and stringing together those abilities in a way that takes advantage of their strengths can build some truly devastating combos. It’s got an old demo at to give you a taste of the fast-paced magic combat action. (Also, I would love to see this team make an Avatar: Korra game.)

Rhenium- Blood and neon lasers. Ok, that’s pretty much all we need here, although the toasty orange glow of the walls that slowly fades away as they cool down adds a nice touch. Think of Alien Syndrome with a line-of-sight mechanic and you’ve got a the general idea.

Fresco- Perspective puzzler where you need to use painting frames to trap the colors painted on the monochrome backgrounds and then transform them into fully 3D constructs in the world. The more you find and place the more colorful the world becomes. Brutalism has its place but boring old cement gets tiring after a while.

Bullet Mind- Bullet time is the best time, and every game that uses it has a different point of entry.  Bullet Mind grants the slowdown when you kill an enemy, which should do nice things for building a violent slow motion combo.  The Facility’s test subject has other powers as well, though, and they promise to be highly damaging to the environment.  This one is still in a super-early state but already has a ton of promise.

Unnamed-  Not just curvy lasers that somehow obey the exaggerated effects of gravity, but ones that circle the planetoid multiple times creating looping pink orbital trails.  This one is very early but already has a nice Super Stardust vibe going on, although the planets are much smaller making for a more tightly packed arena.

Racing Apex-  Low-poly game with a fusion of Virtua Racer and Twisted Metal tearing through its DNA.  Each racer has their own personality and preferred class of car, which you can further tune to match your own driving style.  While there are weapons and power-ups, they’re optional for those who want a more pure racing experience.  The demo has been a long time coming but will be along eventually.

Bonus Image

Paradigm-  Glam rock pug.  There’s just nothing that can be added to make it better than it already is.