Funko Reveals Multiple Video Game Figures at London Toy Fair

Video game collectibles are always a hot commodity. During the London Toy Fair various characters and titles were revealed to be receiving their own Funko merchandise. These include Pop!s, Mystery Minis, and more. There is a mix of concept art and fully designed figures. None of the following have been determined to be exclusive to specific retailers as of yet.

Fans of the Gears of War series can look forward to a new wave of characters. Oscar Diaz, Old Man Marcus, Dominic Santiago, Damon S. Baird and Augustus Cole are all decked out with necessary firepower. There is also a six inch Brumak coming as well. These Pop!s are set for release later this year but you can see the planned items below.

Mass Effect: Andromeda isn’t set to release until March but there is already merchandise in the works. Announced today was Sara Ryder who comes fully equipped for the challenges of space. Peebee, an Asari on a quest to learn more about the galaxy, is also receiving a figure. No release date was set for these two but it could be likely they arrive around the same time as the game.


Duke it out with the rest of your collection by including these newly revealed Tekken Pop! figures. Heihachi, King, Jin Kazama, Nina Williams and Kazuya are all ready to fight. Currently there is no announced date they will arrive but it makes sense they would release around June 2 when Tekken 7 is set to release. Have a look at them all dressed in their traditional costumes.

There were also a couple of other little fun Funko figures. Street Fighter characters will receive their own Pint Size Heroes line. Your favorite fighters come as adorable miniatures to sit comfortably on desks and shelves. Akuma, Blanka, Cammy, Ryu and more will arrive this year. There are also classic characters coming in a set of Retro Video Games Mystery Minis. Q*bert, Pac-Man, Dig-Dug and many more old schoolers will be arriving this year as well. Have a  look at both sets of figures here.

Finally, Overwatch characters are receiving a second wave of Pop! vinyl figures. Players are absolutely in love with the characters and now you’ll be able to add even more to the collection. Mei, Lucio, McCree and Symmetra are coming this year. Also, Reinhardt and D.Va are joining the match as six inch figures!

There is so much collectors can look forward to this year. With the London Toy Fair still in full swing, we’ll be sure to update you all with any more announcements.