Gear Up for Tales of Berseria with a Launch Trailer

The latest entry in one of the long-running JRPG franchises, Tales of Berseria is almost at its Western release. Fans of the series who happen to own a PlayStation 4 or a PC have had access to a demo of the game leading up to launch. Veering from common series character tropes with its more-obviously flawed cast of damaged misfits, Tales of Berseria also boasts a potentially engaging and fast-paced combo-friendly battle system. Series fans will find something to like here, but newcomers hoping for a faster, more control-oriented JRPG may get what they’re looking for here as well. Whether or not Berseria will be one of the best of the series to hit Western shores has yet to be seen. For now, gear up for the game’s release coming very soon.

See the launch trailer for the game below. Tales of Berseria is out for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 tomorrow, for PC via Steam on January 26, and out January 27 in Europe.