I Am Setsuna Confirmed as Switch Launch Title

Where once there were five launch titles for the Nintendo Switch, now there are six with Square Enix announcing today that the recently-released I Am Setsuna — having already been confirmed as coming to Nintendo’s upcoming new hybrid console — will be available at launch in both North America & Europe alongside the Switch on March 3. The game had previously been available on PC as well as both Sony’s platforms via PS4 & Vita. The Switch version will come bundled with the new Temporal Battle Arena DLC which allows players to battle one another’s parties online.

However, for those interested yet insistent on purchasing physical copies only may have to reconsider as the game will only be available via digital download. For those unaware, I Am Setsuna is a new IP developed by Tokyo RPG Factory and published by Square Enix that follows the tale of the titular character Setsuna on her pilgrimage as a maiden sacrifice in accordance with an ancient custom. For those still uncertain or simply want to find out more of the game, you can read up on our review at the time of its original release last year.